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Until yesterday i only owned the recent reissue lp of crazy rythms. Crazy rhythms, an album by the feelies on spotify we and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Crazy rhythms is the debut studio album by american rock band the feelies. Find information on the feelies including biography, releases, social media.

Crucially, too, in the likes of original love you can hear that. The fact that the feelies came from new jersey and complained that driving to. The feelies crazy rhythmsgood earth reissue really, in 2009 one could almost exclusively listen to nothing but reissues and be perfectly content. Crazy rhythms is a true gem of american post punk and the first sally in an. The digital version of crazy rhythms includes a live cover of i wanna sleep in your arms by the modern lovers.

In 2008 the band reunited for a series of shows in new york city in support of sonic youth. The rigid vocals and lyrics take a back seat to the pure textures of the driving rockers and. The brian jonestown massacre has released nine albums since 2010. Crazy rhythms 1980, featuring anton fier on drums, was a unique album, imbued with a controlled frenzy that employed psychedelic guitars, trancelike vocals, repetition of patterns and hypnotic beats. The feelies do little to change the hyperactive contours of the track, but their. Crazy rhythms the feelies 1980 any record which features sandpaper, coat rack and shoes among its instrumental credits has emphatically earned the right to be called crazy rhythms. The feelies crazy rythms original vs reissue steve. According to jim derogatiss liner notes for the reissue, they started telling adulatory interviewers that driving through the. Crazy rhythms released in 1980, is a folkrockpsychedelic classic. The feelies were influenced by the velvet underground and lou reed the feelies rarely worked with outside producers although pete buck of r. New jersey guitar practitioners the feelies quietly made one of the best albums of the late 1970s with this now classic debut.

Said its time to go, well alright i dont wanna go, i say alright you never listen to me anyway youre always talking, never much to say you remind me of a tv show thats alright, i watch it anyway i dont talk much cause it gets in the way dont let it get in the way. The album has been remastered by andreas meyer at tangerine. Crazy rhythms was rereleased by barnone records us and canada. Review by joshuahuntkc user october 30th, 20 156 replies. Well do our job, well get things done work real hard and. Feelies fanatic sean kitching celebrates the 40th anniversary of their debut, crazy. Although it was not commercially successful initially, it has remained critically lauded in the decades. Said its time to go, well alright i dont wanna go, i say alright you never listen to me anyway youre always talking, never much to say you remind me of a tv show.

If there is any chance you havent already, make sure to listen to the recently reissued yung wu record shore leave. The first two albums from hugely influential collegerock act the feelies crazy rhythms and the good earth will be reissued in september as remastered cd and vinyl editions accompanied by digitalonly bonus tracks due out sept. The feelies crazy rhythms veroffentlichungen discogs. The feelies the boy with the perpetual nervousness. Said its time to go, well alright i dont wanna go, i say alright you never listen to me anyway youre always talking, never much to say yo. Crazy rhythms by the feelies, released 01 april 1980 1. Crazy rhythms by the feelies released in 1980 via stiff. The incredibly crisp, guitarsthroughthedesk production of this album is especially notable. Their first album, crazy rhythms stiff records, 1980 was cited by r. Live, the feelies rhythms mightve engendered moshing in the gogo 90s, but even when they tag a cover of the stooges real cool time to time for a witness, mercers invitation still seems.

The album seems to have held up to the test of time as it still sounds fresh today. The feelies dont sound any more comfortable on crazy rhythms than you imagine they might standing in a room full of strangers or mountain lions. Domino uses optimal in germany and have reissued crazy rhythms and the good earth in recent years. Crazy rhythms, released in april 1980 amongst a veritable shitstorm of like minded groups. Paired with driving drums and percussion, it has left an indelible mark on the. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. In 2009 the good earth and crazy rhythms were reissued by bar none in the. Whereas the folkrock of the former was measured, and the sound full and warm, here it is icy, alienating and processed but also lighthearted in a richmanesque kind of way. The feelies appearing at world cafe live in philadelphia, pa tickets available. In this thread, we will discuss the feelies debut, crazy rhythms. Crazy rhythms is aptly titled, says bill million of the feelies.

The remaster is excellent one of the best ive heard on any album and the sound is incredible. But if it was all look and no brain, crazy rhythms would long ago have been dismissed as an early80s relic. Its fusion of postpunk and jangle pop was influential on the forthcoming alternative rock genre, with r. Crazy rhythms bonus tracks by the feelies 32862019623. Jangle pop, postpunk the feelies crazy rhythms 1980. The reissue coincided with the feelies performance at the all tomorrows parties festival where they performed the album in its entirety. We didnt practice much, so we were kind of disjointed when we made the album. Some reissues add a cover of paint it black by the rolling stones as track 10. The depth, breadth and quality of the stuff coming out these days is just impressive. A decade later, the album was reissued on cd and cassette, with a newly.

Elsewhere there are slabs of driving garage rock like when you know and time. Despite forming in the late seventies during punks halcyon days, it took them a further three years to release. But if you are expecting a version of the byrds you would be advised to steer clear. Chad would do a great job on the feelies catalogue. The feelies crazy rhythms an original german copy in ex condition of this new wave classic. The feelies crazy rhythms lyrics and tracklist genius. The feelies first album, crazy rhythms, is a sort of postpunk edgy power pop sounding affair with nine memorable tracks including my favorite, moscow nights. The feelies new album in between feb 24, 2017 steve.

Albums include crazy rhythms, the good earth, and only life. The rhythms, and the songs they inhabit, arent ostentatiously barmy for which thanks so much as markedly unorthodox, squatting in a territory somewhere on. With coproduction from noted fan peter buck, the group exchanged some of the understated tense frazzle of crazy rhythms for a. The feelies perform their first two albums, crazy rhythms and the good. Anyway, more out of despair than anything else, i have just emailed domino records in the u. The feelies crazy rhythms 2009, 180 gram, vinyl discogs. September of 2009 saw a live performance of crazy rhythms in its entirety at the all tomorrows parties festival in england and the reissue of the album on cd via. Crazy rhythms is far more unequivocal than the groups performances.

Even the cover is a winner, with a washedout look that screams new wave via hornrimmed glasses, even more so than contemporaneous pictures of either elvis costello or the embarrassment. Fill out this poll to share your thoughts on the album. The feelies bridged the gap of what is punk rock and new wave with crazy rhythms and conceived what is probably the purest example of what postpunk music should sound like. The 2009 reissue of the album on barnone removes the bonus track, a cover of the rolling stones paint it black, that had appeared on a prevoius edition of the album and adds 5 bonus tracks. The band has released five albums, crazy rhythms 1980, the good earth 1986, only life 1988, time for a witness. It finds the band at their most jittery with stop start crazy rhythms and the superb twin guitar work of glen mercer and bill million. The feelies broke up and lost some steam between crazy rhythms in 1980 and the quieter the good earth, which came out in 86.

Thats exactly what this album is not, right from the soft, haunting hints of percussion that. Crazy rhythms dance center 278 portion rd, ronkonkoma, new york 11779 rated 4. Crazy rhythms by the feelies on amazon music unlimited. The feelies to reissue crazy rhythms, the good earth.

Listen to your favorite songs from crazy rhythms by the feelies now. Although not commercially successful, the feelies had an influence on the development of american indie rock. Everbodys got something to hide except me and my monkey 7. It was released in april 1980, through record label stiff. At home i listened to the original pressing first followed by the reissue and was shocked on how big the difference in sound quality was. The feelies 1980 debut on stiff records is a worthy reissue and a truly outstanding work within the pantheon of new wave classics. The band currently consists of glenn mercer vocals, guitar, bill million vocals, guitar, brenda sauter bass, dave weckerman drums and stan demeski drums. The feelies are an underground postpunk band which formed in 1976 in haledon, new jersey, united states. Stream adfree with amazon music unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Rolling stone branded it a landmark of jangly, guitardriven avantpop, and its. Crazy rhythms an ode to the boys with the perpetual nervousness going to the feelies this evening, henry. Some bands evaporate never to be heard from again, others sink into the groundwater, nurturing what comes later. Barnone records reissued crazy rhythms on 8 september 2009, while domino records reissued the album outside of the u.

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