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This queen of heaven is semiramis, the wife of nimrod, the original mother of the mother and child cult. From ancient sources such as the epic of gilgamesh and records unearthed by archeologists from longruined. Semiramis has been worship under the names ishtar, astarte, rhea and isis to name just a few while nimrod has been ninus, osiris and baal. History books describe ninus called nimrod in the bible as a mighty warrior, city builder and ruler of the ancient world after the flood. According to legend she was the wife of nimrod, the mighty hunter mentioned in the bible. In the history of mankind, nimrod stands unequalled for his symbolism of evil and satanic practices. Kush was the son of ham, the lowest and least important of noah s three sons. Nimrod the lord of christmas nimrod started the great organized worldly apostasy from god that has dominated this world until now. But many believe that nimrod is another name for gilgamesh, further convoluting the matter.

Nimrod and semiramis 232017 introduction myths and legends surrounding nimrod make discerning factual data about him difficult. Halo whore of babylon torch of lucifer x vid the rothschild nimrod myth 1853 the two babylons or the papal worship proved to be the worship of nimrod. To the superstitious minds of a race that had separated itself from worship of the one true god, nimrod and semiramis in their terrible strength and beauty were exalted as the sun and moon in human form. Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the lords house which was toward the north. The next mention is of a fishermanking who ruled around 2700 bc, directly before gilgamesh. This is repeated in the first book of chronicles 1. Pdf ninus and semiramis exploding the myth stephen. He said that semiramis and nimrod s incestuous male offspring was the akkadian deity tammuz, and that all divine pairings in religions were retellings of this story. The ancient jewish writers philo of alexandria and flavius josephus suggested nimrod was a giant who opposed god 1 and the tyrant behind the construction of the tower of babel respectively.

Birth of tammuz from nimrod and semiramus in bablyon. Nimrod the founder of the occult and babylon theology in. From various ancient sources, it seems that nimrod s wifemother. Alexanders brother was also named stephen hislop lived 18171863 and became well known in his time as a missionary to india and a naturalist. Semiramis, queen of babylon by bryce self any effort to trace the origins of the myth, legend, and lore of goddessworship will eventually lead one back to a single historical figure semiramis, wife of nimrod and queen of babylon, and this is especially true when considering the goddessplanet venus. Semiramis named her son damu from the sumerian dam, or blood, which in.

Roots of babylon nimrod began babylonian religion phaethon or aescalapius wife semiramis. It is interesting to note that nimrod began to be mighty, which suggests that he struggled for the preeminence among those after the flood and obtained his kingdom of babel by force of will. Semiramis if nimrod had been a man of unbounded ambition, the ambition of semiramis the future queen of heaven jeremiah 7. Although semiramis does not appear in scripture, tammuz does, but is not linked to nimrod. Nimrod prefigured him whose coming is after the working of satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders 2 thess. Many learned individuals have taught polytheism was the evolutionary forerunner of monotheism. Nimrod s wifemother semiramis was also transformed and known as the sun goddess, ishtar, pronounced easter. Claramente, osiris era nimrod, e isis era semiramis. Semiramis claimed to have a divine conception by the spirit of nimrod and bore tammuz, meaning heat, fire or hottest season in hebrew. Pdf ninus and semiramis exploding the myth stephen phillips. Thus nimrod, the mighty hunter, died a horrible death as a trapped beast himself. Ancient history tells us that these cities were home to unimaginable satanic, cultic, and perverted practices, all headed up by its ruler and high priest nimrod.

Babylon sun worship source of all false religion babylons beginnings nimrod, its first kinga mighty huntera rebel againsthis wife semiramis her child tammuz counterfeits. The mystery religion of babylon probably originated in the evil mind of semiramis. If we study what the scriptures say in hebrew, many people will be surprised. Thyatira name originally called semiramis wife of nimrod babylon mother of tammuz babylonian. What the bible says about nimrod, semiramis and tammuz. Nimrod became a godman to the people and semiramis, his wife and mother, became the powerful queen of ancient babylon.

After the death of his father, nimrod married his own mother and became a powerful king. Nimrod the genius mastermind noah magic paranormal scribd. A biblical and historical account of how babylonia sun worship spread to the nations. Nimrod was eventually killed by an enemy, allegedly, his great uncle, shem and his body was cut in pieces and sent to various parts of his kingdom. The cult has also crept into christianity and forms the basis for the mariolatry that has prevailed in the roman catholic church, where the mother and child are worshiped as joint redeemers. This last designation, semiramis, has been the source of considerable controversy for over a century now, as scholars and historians argue. Two key figures in the origin of christmas are nimrod, a great grandson of noah, and his mother and wife, semiramis, also known as ishtar and isis. Nimrod married his own mother, whose name was semiramis. When nimrod finally died, the babylonian mystery religion continued on through his wife, queen semiramis. Easter comes from the story of nimrod of biblical fame.

After nimrods death, semiramis claimed his son horus, that is tammuz to have. He is described as the son of cush, grandson of ham, and greatgrandson of noah. Nimrod called the name of the city that he built shinar, for the lord had vehemently shaken his enemies and destroyed them. Alexander hislop 1807 march 1865 was a free church of scotland minister known for his criticisms of the roman catholic church.

The babylonian counterparts of osiris and isis were nimrod and semiramis, whose son, tammuz, was also a god. Semiramis was the daughter of the fishgoddess derceto of ascalon in syria by a syrian. Where nimrod is the sun god, semiramis is the moon goddess. According to less trustworthy traditions, semiramis was noahs granddaughter, and both the mother and wife of nimrod. His wife, history tell us, was named semiramis, and she was the first deified. The true story of semiramis, legendary queen of babylon. Check out this biography to know about his life, achievements, and timeline. A bible translation called the targum says, nimrod became a mighty man of sin, a murderer of innocent men, and a rebel before the lord. Nimrod had become the greatest and most powerful figure in the world. From the time of ctesias onwards, the stories of ninus and semiramis flourished.

He is credited for having founded freemasonry and for building the legendary tower of babel, in. This seems to correspond with the man of sin first appearing as. By the time of strabo and diodorus, the fanciful tales of their exploits had grown considerably. There is also a legend that tammuz was the son of queen semiramis, born after the death of his father nimrod who built both babel and nineveh genesis 10. The first world ruler nimrod attempted to unify man to achieve godhood.

Once nimrod was murdered, however, semiramis was, again, in danger of losing all that she had. However, polytheism began in the minds of cush, nimrod and semiramis, who heavily suffused the. Nimrod was the great grandson of noah, the son of cush and the founder of babylon. Nimrod is a biblical figure mentioned in the book of genesis, and an integral part of christian, jewish, and islamic legends. Nimrod, known in egypt as osiris, was the founder of the first world empire at babel, later known as babylon genesis 10. When nimrod and semiramis s religion migrated to other parts of the world, she took on different names. Easter, ishtar, ashtarte, and other evil traditions. Nimrod, semiramus, and the mystery religion of babylon. Halo whore of babylon torch of lucifer x vid the rothschild nimrod myth 1853 the two babylons or the papal worship proved to be the worship of nimrod and his. After nimrod s death, his socalled motherwife, semiramis, propagated the evil doctrine of the survival of nimrod as a spirit being. Nimrod means tyrant, as he led the babylonians to pay tribute to the skies the sun.

This is the true identity of easter and her son nimrod who was later supposedly reincarnated as tammuz yachazaqal 8. Strabo, diodorus and berossus all tell us that semiramis was responsible. Nimrod was the originator of sun worship and founder of babylon. Nimrod the mighty hunter was one of the sons of kush. By birth, nimrod had no right to be a king or ruler. The cults of mithra, the sun god, and anaita, the goddess of fertilitysimilar to nimrod tammuz and semiramis, the old babylonian mystery religiongrew in popularity until zoroastrianism faded into obscurity.

Together semiramis and nimrod and the bastard son of semiramis named tammuz started this occult religion of sacrificing babies to moloch, aka satan or the false pagan sungod. In the midst of the tumult of war nimrod and semiramis metand in none too savory circumstances, for tradition states that she was an innbrothel keeper in the city of erechleading one to speculate upon the nature of their initial acquaintance. Semiramis, who was both nimrod s wife and tammuz mother, was worshiped as the mother of god and a fertility goddess because she had to be extremely fertile to give birth to all the pagan incarnate gods that represented nimrod. What do rabbits and colored eggs have to do with the feast. The queen semiramis told the worshippers that when tammuz a. Semiramis cybele, wife of nimrod and queen of babylon. The death of nimrod seemingly halted the counterfeit pagan worship which he started. The first biblical mention of nimrod is in the table of nations. Nimrod knew he had to get the people working together on a project so he could keep control over them. By marrying nimrod, semiramis could still maintain somewhat of an authority over the populous as long as her husband remained in charge. Semiramis was a native of erech, which as evidenced by its name seems to have been built by a. Nimrod was brought up by semiramis, an exceptionally clever woman, as a. Nimrod the genius mastermind free download as word doc.

Eventually nimrod was put to death for his evil deeds, and according to the ancient patriarchal system, parts of his body were sent to various cities as a warning. Nimrod the bible develops a very prominent and notorious character named nimrod. The babylonian connection to christmas mystery, babylon. Nimrod was killed some of his blood fell on the stump of an evergreen tree, and the stump grew into a full new tree overnight. Nimrod founded the city of nineveh, the capitol of assyria. The beginning of nimrod s evil plan had its origin at babel which was later known as babylon. Semiramis was high priestess of the babel religion and the founder of all mystery religions as well as goddess. Babylon is the birth place of all of the ancient pagan religions and has always been associated with the mystery of iniquity because of the demonic influence that it is under. At this time all of the people spoke the same language. Cursed be canaan, a slave of slaves shall he be unto his brothers. Tired of leading a shepherds life, nimrod yearns to leave the small lives and tents of his village to seek out the excitement and glory found in the big city beyondbabel. According to the historian eusebius, semiramis was the wife of nimrod. Nimrod, a towering figure in christian, jewish, and islamic legends, finds a. Ninus, like nimrod, was connected with the foundation of nineveh.

So began the worship of semiramis and the childgod, and the whole paraphernalia of the babylonian religious system. Semiramis had all of the parts gathered, except for one part that. Semiramis worship the restoration of the bride of messiah. Nimrod, also spelled nemrod, legendary biblical figure of the book of genesis. He was the son of stephen hislop died 1837, a mason by occupation and an elder of the relief church. It is believed that nimrod, semiramis, and tammuz were all worshiped as gods in ancient. She is also known as shammuramat, sammuramat, and, most notably, as semiramis.

Some pose a rather natural explanation as to how these myths may have originated. But its principle of dualism lived on in gnosticism and the mystery religions of. She is traditionally equated to the biblical queen of heaven of jeremiah 7. Lets go back to nimrod because we need to understand that this 666 number and beast business started at the beginning and to really understand what it is, we need to go to the bible. The only other references to nimrod in the bible are micah 5. These claims are still circulated among some groups of evangelical protestants, 38 39 in the form of jack chick tracts. The legend of nimrod the system of worship has its origin in the legend of nimrod and his wife semiramus. Symbols associated with him are the fish head, sun, obelisk, pine cone, wings, lighted torch, eagle. The true story of semiramis, legendary queen of babylon the only woman ever to have ruled the mighty assyrian empire, semiramis titillated writers and. Roots of babylon nimrod began babylonian religion phaethon or aescalapius wife. Like nimrod, semiramis was deified by the common people. Nimrod the greatgrandson of noah rebelled against god, like his father cush. Nimrod and cush also contributed significantly to its development.

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