Colt competition series 70 slide

Brand new colt competition series 70 government 1911. Samuel colt founded the colt company over 165 years ago after filing a. Usa hellomy name is don, and i have a 1911 problem. Egw 1911 firing pin stop series 80 45 stainless 10366.

I have a tough time telling the difference between the 70 and 80 series guns in terms of trigger. The grips are a blue g10 grip and the steel slide and frame feature a natural stainless steel finish. Youll notice the trigger slides back without any pressure, then hits the wall when you. Gun ownership in recent years has surged, much to the benefit of shooting competitions. The colt series 70 has been outfitted with a retro hammer, nighthawk custom beavertail grip safety, mainspring housing, and match barrel bushing. I have been having problems with one of my 1911s slide stops. Colt competition 1911 series 70 government model semi auto pistol.

I recently purchased a mid 90s colt m1991a1 series 80. I think the next step up from colt competition is a dan wesson valor. Its a series 70 design, meaning it has no firing pin safety, although, oddly enough, the pistol came with a series 80 manual. Todays series 70 government is as close as you get to a real gi pistol, but with better fitment. Colt national match pistol is this the best 1911 colt. In fact, colts competition series of guns dont have the series 80 firing. Numrich gun parts has a huge selection of colt auto pistol parts and schematics for you to choose from, and provides the experience and service that you can only find from a company that has served the shooting community since 1950. Plus, it has the pony, which the rock islands never will. Colt pistols 1911 series 70 for sale guns international. The trigger is the wide series 70 threehole aluminum model. Should you buy or modify a series 80 or series 70 1911 pistol. Colt in the early 1970s introduced a new variation of the 1911a1 pistol called the series 70 model, which incorporated a major change designed to improve accuracy. The nighthawk custom colt series 70 offers several functional and aesthetic upgrades to a timeless classic.

Additional this model features a novak style rear sight with fiber optic front sight along with a skeletonized trigger. Brownells is your source for 1911 competition parts at brownells parts and accessories. Last years model of colt competition is series 70 with long aluminum trigger and plastic msh. Unfortunately, the price accompanying some of these features, and those found on highend, competition style 1911s made by other manufacturers, can push. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at.

Colt upgrades competition pistol series shooting sports usa. The firing pin block is a much debated device as many people feel the block is needed. Stainless steel colt competition 1911 pistol good for carry. The colt series 70 or mark iv series 70 as the name suggests utilizes the series 70. Jan 12, 2016 ever since colt introduced its first gold cup pistol in the late 1950s, it has served competitive shooters admirably with features designed to glean the most performance from the 1911 platform. This updated configuration is packed with ambidextrous features and includes a 15 mlok compatible rail system that will enable flexibility for every end user. Oct 24, 2017 the competition pistol i have been working with is a full size, 5 inch barreled, stainless steel pistol. It was tight and felt great but i just had to go with the colt, well, because its a colt i guess. My son and i shoot my new titanium blue beauty and i couldnt be happier. The revolutionary lower receiver and bolt carrier design enable the. Colt competition pistol line now uses series 70 firing system. The colt competition 1911 series 70 government model is the series which features the legendary series 70 firing system ensuring that this particular 1911 is a faithful reproduction of government models manufactured prior to wwii. Upgrades such as an ultra hicut trigger guard, matching vertical serrations on the front strap and mainspring housing, french border on the slide, and nighthawk custom engraved on the dust cover.

It is nessessary to fill this frame gap so the sear will not wander. Models in stock include delta elite, gold cup, national match, combat and lightweight commanders, xse series and 1991a1 government models, 1911s from the colt custom shop, plus many limited edition and talo exclusive models. After a long wait i have a colt competition model in hand. The official colt frequently asked questions faq thread. Colt competition 1911 series 70 government model semiauto.

That has changed, and now shooters who want the original 1911 firing system can get it in the competition 1911 chambered. The series 70 colt government model pistols were introduced in the 1970s as an update to the aging m1911a1 pistols. The 70 series differs from the 80 series model with 70 series short trigger has a much faster firing rate than the 80 series. In 1988, colt got rid of the change to the barrel bushing, so the result is that this colt series 70 is essentially a modern reproduction of the first colt government modelin military terms.

Colt colt semi auto pistols for sale semiauto pistols colt colt. I really like the sights on these colts and the vz grips are awesome improvements. Colt competition 1911 series 70 government model semiauto pistol. Since 1855, colt continues to maintain its position as one of the worlds leading gun manufacturers by blending stateoftheart technologies and modernized manufacturing methods. Colt series 70 competition 9mm single action semiauto pistol. I went out and bought a 70 series colt competition to go with my 80 series colt competition pistol. Custom g10 grips, upswept beavertail grip safety and undercut trigger guard keep the pistol low in the hand for increased control. In series 80 the ejection port is not only lowered and beveled, but also moved to right approximately 1 mm. Sell your colt 1911 series 70 for free today on gunsamerica. May 30, 2017 the colt competition pistol line will now come outfitted with series 70 firing systems, making the trigger pull that much snappier.

The quality of the new colts surpasses kimber in my opinion. Colt announcing world war iera 1911 black army called the 1911 black army, these freshly minted 1911s are based on a 1918 version of the most iconic american military sidearm. Colt series 70 government 1911 handgun shooters report. Listing is for slid only, no other parts available. The revolutionary lower receiver and bolt carrier design enable the upper receiver group to be easily swapped out for any colt milspec. It uses the old model sights which i believe are built in the slide. Should you buy or modify a series 80 or series 70 1911. Colt 1911 70 series was another collectible i\\\ve always wanted. Colts manufacturing company firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. So what tips do yall have for a newbie with a colt.

Flattopped slide with a plain rib and angled gold cupstyled cocking serrations. An allnew trigger system has been installed with a match grade, solid short trigger, fully machined disconnector, sear, hammer strut, and pin. Nighthawk custom has taken the colt 1911 classic model and given it an overhaul. If the series 70 version has the features you want, it would be hard to go wrong. The colt competition pistol the competition series is built on the fullsize government model but with an assortment of upgraded features for the competitive shooter. The grip safety has a nice bump on it to make sure the grip safety is easily depressed. Colt had been producing the m1911a1 for the military for many years when they decided to release it to civilians under the name the colt government model. This change was a colletstyle barrel bushing with four flexible fingers. This 70 series gun seems very similar to the early kimbers 1911s in its frame to slide fit and overall quality. This model has a brushed stainless steel finish and a 70 series firing pin system.

I replaced the msh with a stainless chain link, and put on a short trigger small hands, smells like cabbage. Colt competition government model with series 70 trigger. Nicholas oetken perhaps the most iconic handgun of all time is the colt m1911a semiautomatic. The primary purpose of the collet barrel bushing was to align and center the barrel precisely in relation to the slide. Parts overall would rate in excellent condition, still have the factory colt blue finish. The new nighthawk custom colt series 70 1911 pistolthe. A colt is still the best foundation for a fine tactical or competition gun. That has changed, and now shooters who want the original 1911 firing system can get it in the competition 1911 chambered in. Colt series 70 competition 9mm single action semiauto.

The original firing system without the passive firing pin block, and called by colt the series 70 system, was not available in the colt competition pistol line until recently. Dec 29, 2017 colt s competition 1911 pistol now available with a stainless steel slide and frame is great for both competition and carry. Its plain black, with no dots, which will delight some but be disliked by. The fact you can get one in the 70 series makes it my first choice over kimber and sig.

The series 70 handguns are differentiated from the series 80 models mostly by the fact the series 80 pistols incorporated a firing pin block. Ok, i a sure this has been covered but my search did not turn up the info i was looking for and since i am a 1911 rookie i thought i would just ask. Used condition only showing light handling marks from use. Let oak hill guns help you find the best firearm that matches your skill and interest. We have taken the colt 1911 classic model and given it an overhaul. Brownells is your source for colt 1911 slide at brownells parts and accessories. Initially, this change worked well, but the powerful ammo developed then stressed the bushings fingers and some broke, causing warranty problems. Honestly, ive handled a couple of the different philippine 1911s and been quite underwhelmed.

Series 70 vs 80, the difference is more than you think. The trigger on the 80 feels a little bit better but that pistol has 1535 rounds in it now and the 70 has 165 rounds. The slide to frame fit on both are the same as i can tell. Prior pistols became known as preseries 70 guns, and since the. At the rear of the slide, colt installs a novak lomount adjustable rear sight. Colts competition 1911 pistol now available with a stainless steel slide and frame is great for both competition and carry. New, 1911a1, slide,colt, unmarked, stainless 45 acp, 5. The have a cutaway for access to the magazine release. Evolution gun works egw 1911 extractor for colt series 70 for 93840. With all the 1911s it has manufactured over the years, colt has developed great expertise and knowhow in building the browningdesigned handgun. Colt released an updated design of their fullsize 1911 pistol in the 1970s hence the name which consisted of a collet bushing. Colt 1911 competition series 70 titanium blue shooting. I have one of the newer series 70 competition models in.

Product evaluation the colt competition series 1911. Features include a fully blended magwell, and 25lpi front strap checkering. Colt released an updated design of their fullsize 1911 pistol in the 1970s hence the name which consisted of a collet bushing instead of the. Series 70 collet barrel bushing series 70 collet barrel bushing. I suppose admitting it is part of the solution, but this is a. In fact, colt s competition series of guns dont have the series 80 firing system but their government model formerly called the 1991 do, so that tells you something. I suppose admitting it is part of the solution, but this is a problem i may not want to. What were the differences between the series 70 vs series 80. Make offer 1911 colt mkiv target slide series 80 4. Shopping for colt auto pistol parts for your 1911, mustang, or woodsman. Sides of slide are more bright than top and bottom which is a brushed look.

There is no rail on the dust cover and the slide is lacking forward cocking serrations bravo, colt. To improve accuracy on the government model, colt eventually modified the barrel bushing, and the new pistol was deemed the colt government model mark iv series 70. Rock island 1911 45 acp series 70 slide for 5 barrels. A true competition 1911 thats ready for the battle against the timer. The series 70 and pre series 70 pistols barrel, are not compatible with the series 80 pistols barrel. Colt ccu government 45acp 5 ss pvd blk slide o1080ccu.

Colt defense o1070ccstt govt competition 5 ssframe blue slide adj. First 1911 colt competition 70 series the leading glock. The slide has dovetail cuts on the front and rear for mounting a novak adjustable rear sight and a square blade front sight with a blue fiber optic rod insert. Colt s 1911 competition pistol features custom g10 blue grips with a scallop design, dual recoil spring system, a national match barrel, and novak adjustable fiber optic sights for precision shooting. The colt 1911 pistol has proven itself in battle to be accurate and reliable, and the colt competition government model 1911 semiauto pistol is its direct descendant. Stainless steel colt competition 1911 pistol good for carry, too. Shop our selection of hard to find colt parts today. Colt 1911 45 double action mkii stainless double eagle series 90 slide, description up for auction is a colt 1911 double eagle series 90 stainless slide. Colt national match pistol is this the best 1911 colt ever made. Please expect longer wait times for serialized items ffl required. Colt pistols are renowned for their comfort, accuracy, and power.

Colt competition 1911 series 70 government model o1070ccs. Colt has recently unveiled the appropriately named colt competition 1911. Tjs 1911 series 80 to 70 shims replace the gap used by the colt series 80 firing pin block parts. After much back and forth at the gun show today i decided on the colt competition series 70. Originally, only 1911 government frames had the series 70 collet bushing. I do see a degree difference between manufacturers, however. Ready right out of the box for competition or personal defense, the new colt competition pistol is a highquality performer. Colt competition 1911 series 70 government model semi automatic pistol distributor exclusive single action hammer fired. I absolutely love the look of the matte top contrasting the glossy side of the slide. The custom competition is a hand fit series 70 competition pistol assembled by the master gunsmiths in the colt custom shop. The new nighthawk custom colt series 70 1911 pistol. Colts firing pin safety was designed to relieve some of the trigger pressure by adding this firing pin plunger in the slide to allow the forward. This twotone update features a corrosionresistant brushed stainless steel frame crowned with a blued slide. The xs was a result of the shortlived colt competition partnership.

Barrel, stainless steel slide colt o1072ccsjg cancel reply. Its all a matter of individual needs and tastes, as far as im concerned. Instead of running the colt competition pistol through a series of offhand drills on combattype targets, i moved over to the next berm where my club had recently held a steel match. Colt competition government model 1911 semiauto pistol. Colt competition 1911 series 70 government model semi auto. The barrel is stainless steel while the frame and slide are blued.

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