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This is to certify that the thesis titled study of smart grid technology and its development in indian scenario, submitted to the national institute of technology, rourkela by mr. Pdf a smart grid is an evolved grid system that manages electricity demand in a sustainable, reliable and economic manner, built on advanced. Using smart buildings to unlock value in downtown chicago mike munson, grant jaskulski, and chris thomas 30 power to the people new distribution technologies on the horizon clark gellings 42 sim city modelbased distribution management roger c. A smart grid is an umbrella term that covers moder nization of both the transmission and distribution grids. Improvement of power systems operation using smart grid technology a. Gis provides the tools and workflows for network modeling and advanced tracing.

Pdf james momoh smart grid fundamentals of design and. The grid, refers to the electric grid, a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers and more that deliver electricity from the power plant to your home or business. You should register for the program before you complete your first course in the curriculum. Pdf an overview on the smart grid concept researchgate. An industrial power distribution network forms a good starting point for the gradual development of smart grid functionality. Hamed mohsenianrad communications and control in smart grid texas tech university 27 eight priorityareas to build a smart grid identified by nist 1. For scalability, this technology will probably rest on publickey infrastructure pki. Smart grid applications, standards development and recent. Ami rollout plan for india isgfbnef knowledge paper on ami rollout plan for india published at isgw 2017 table of contents. Jagannathan jug venkatesh cse 291 smart grid seminar. Its aim was to formulate and promote a vision for the development of europes electricity networks looking towards 2020 and beyond. In the envisioned smart grid, massive numbers of computational devices will need to authenticate to each other. Recommended standards, existing frameworks and future needs 14 4. A smart grid is a powerful grid that provides an interface between appliances of consumer and the assets of traditional power system in generation, transmission and distribution levels.

Think of the smart grid as the internet brought to our electric system. To solve this challenging problem, various time series and machine learning approaches have been proposed in the literature. The smart grid opportunity for solutions providers 49 fault detection, isolation, and restoration fdir, which automates switching and routing, allowing utilities to reduce the cost of. The concept of a smart grid is that of a digital upgrade of distribution and long distance transmission grids to both optimize current operations by reducing the losses, as well as open up new markets for alternative energy production. The smart grid is an alliance of hardware, management and reporting collection of programs. Part of a longterm economic strategy bruce hamilton smart grid. Industry must overcome a number of technical issues to deliver renewable energy in significant quantities. Smart grid applications, standards development and recent deployments ge energy john d. Smarter grid smart grid because it is deploying now, yet will only be fully realized over time, it is necessary to split one smart grid into two for the purpose of discussion. Grid integration gridtie inverter single or 3phase, synchronous inverter, to allow connection back into the grid seamless integration with utility power in gridconnected loads. The purpose of this book is to give readers in plain language a fix on the current position of the smart grid and its adoption. White paper communication technologies and networks for smart. The national energy technology laboratory is involved in a variety of smart grid and modern grid activities on behalf of the doe office of electricity delivery and energy reliability oe, doe office of energy efficiency and renewable energy ee and the doe office of fossil energy fe.

Applying the industrial internet reference architecture to a. Internet of thingsiot based smart grid 1mitali mahadev raut, 2ruchira rajesh sable, 3shrutika rajendra toraskar 1department of electronics, usha mittal institute of technology, mumbai, india 2department of electronics, usha mittal institute of technology, mumbai, india 3department of electronics, usha mittal institute of technology, mumbai, india. Regulatory frameworks for dsos currently do not always reflect the immense need for investment in grid development and upgrades. The origins of smartgrids the smartgrids european technology platform for electricity networks of the future began its work in 2005. Smart grid topic 2 smart grid department of electrical. Dugan and mark mcgranaghan 50 tools for success distribution system planning in the smart grid era. Smart grid handbook, 3 volume set liu, chenching, mcarthur, stephen, lee, seungjae on. This paper briefly discusses evolution of smart grid development. Consequently, the smart grid is undergoing a transformation to the decentralized topology from its centralized form.

The technologies, equipment, and controls that allow for twoway communication between the utility and its customers, and the sensing along the transmission lines is what makes the grid smart. Smart grid must have a solid understanding of the connectivity of both networks. Seifi, associated professor, nonmember ab s tr ac s mg id ine wer d li g h. Maybe you have heard of the smart grid on the news or from your energy provider.

Introduction to bdamlai, benefits, challenges and issues 11 2. Artificial intelligence techniques for smart grid applications. Smart grid ieee press 445 hoes lane piscataway, nj 08854 ieee press editorial board lajos hanzo, editor in chief r. A smarter grid with the internet of things october 20 2 texas instruments energy data that can be used to implement a selfhealing grid, increase the overall efficiency, and increase the level of selfmonitoring and decision making. Smart grid architecture smart grid information exchange smart grid standards examples dr. The curriculum comprises 4 required courses choose any 4 of the 6 courses for a total of 4 semester units 60 hours of instruction. Hamed mohsenianrad communications and control in smart grid texas tech university 33 interoperability is the capability of two or more networks, systems. Improvement of power systems operation using smart grid.

You will get a feel for the issues surrounding it, the challenges ahead, the countless opportunities it presents and the benefits we all stand to gain. Since ict plays a vital role in deploying a smart grid wissner 2011, research has been carried out on various aspects of ict for smart grid, and with a broader focus, on machinetomachine m2m communication1 gungor et al. A smart grid sg, also called smart electrical or power grid, intelligent grid, intelligrid, future grid, intergrid, or intragrid, is an enhanced version of the twentieth century power network. Nonoperational data are historical, realtime, and file type data used for. Industrial smart gridindustrial network specialities.

Distribution system planning in the smart grid era julio romero aguero 62 in my view benefits of the smart grid. Ieee guide for smart grid interoperability ieee p2030 provides reference models for. A smarter grid refers to the current state of the transformation, one in which technologies are being deployed today or in the near future. Best practices in big data analytics for the smart grid 12 3. Furthermore, the software that runs the smart grid monitors the electrical flow of the system, integrates renewable energy into the network and activates. Dynamic communications for smart grid 5 the crucial role of communications in a smart grid highspeed ip communications network powers altalinks nextgeneration network strategy with an alcatellucent ip communications network linking its 270 substations, altalink in canada is improving. But not everyone knows what the grid is, let alone the smart grid. Pull from the grid when local renewables are insufficient push back into the grid at overcapacity net metering, etc. Smart grids promise to facilitate the integration of renewable energy and will provide other benefits as well.

A blockchainbased access control scheme for smart grids. The analysis we carried out contributed to the drafting of the commission communication smart grids. Vision projects in addition to the standards projects that are a central activity, the ieee standards association ieeesa has partnered with the respective ieee societies to develop longterm smart grid visions for each technology that. A smart grid provides support for integration of distributed generation into the.

Smart grid projects in europe home jrc smart electricity. We work hand in hand with engineering professionals to create innovative event concepts and highquality programmes that inform technical decision makers and enable them to deliver exceptional results. For example, in a traditional power grid, electricity is generated in a power plant and then be transmitted to users through a transmission network, a branch network. This survey of smart grid projects in europe brings. The bridge initiative2 unites the horizon 2020 smart grids. Indeed, it is quite usual to conceive smart grid artificial intelligence techniques for smart grid applications mariajose santofimiaromero, xavier del torogarcia, and juancarlos lopezlopez. This emerging smart grid has been described as the convergence of electric system. In the world of the smart grid, consumers and utility companies alike have tools to manage, monitor and respond to energy issues. Performance evaluation of communication technologies and.

Study of smart grid technology and its development in indian. Jun 08, 2015 smart grid seminar and ppt with pdf report. Smart grid projects in europe jrc smart electricity systems. The success of the smart grid depends on local and regional efforts to adopt systems that, in this context, work for them. A smart grid is an electricity network that can intelli gently integrate the actions of all users connected to it generators, consumers and those that do bothin order.

Iot for distribution grid monitoring and control 2. Today the industrial power distribution network already has a great deal of intelligence and functionality. Gis is used to determine optimal locations for smart grid components. There are no prerequisites for the professional series in smart grid technology.

A smart grid is able to optimize the capability of assets of the power system. Control is one of the key enabling technologies for the deployment of renewable energy systems. Ieee standards activities in the smart grid space ict focus. You will learn what the smart grid is and what it is not. Iot for distributed energy resources integration and. Smart grid is referred to by other names including smart electric grid, smart power grid, intelligrid, and future grid 1. Reinventing the electric power system a 2012 reprint journal from pes. The smart grid is a combination of hardware, management and reporting software, built atop an intelligent communications infrastructure. During the rollout of smart grid, utilities will need significant. Abstract 2 about india smart grid forum isgf 2 about bloomberg new energy finance bnef 2 disclaimer 2 authors 2 1. In this paper, we have an aim to provide a comprehensive survey on application of blockchain in smart grid. Section ii summarizes network structures and technologies for smart grid applications. On the other hand, blockchain has some excellent features which make it a promising application for smart grid paradigm.

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